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Sextortion Scams doing the rounds.

Of late there have been a new round of Sextortion emails going around. These emails are designed to invoke fear and panic, and I've had many people contact me in a panic after receiving these type of emails.

All of the emails are a fake, just remember that. No-one has accessed your computer and they got your email address by "scraping" the web. Here's a good example.

You can see in this screenshot that the attacker has scraped search engines like google and bing and sites like pastebin and snov to gather a list of public email addresses. He has sent the same email to all of these email addresses and has changed the sender address each time, but all come from known malicious .xyz domains. Admins: You should be blocking everything to and from .xyz domains in your email and web filtering.

Here is one recent version received this week.

(I'm breaking the emails up into multiple images so they are all readable because they are quite large in the next email)

The attacker is after a $500 ransom in this next email. Here is a more malicious version I received yesterday asking for $10,000 AUD or they will release images of the target with paedophilia images to the Police and their family members.

Email part2:

Email part 3:

Please keep a look out for these types of emails and ensure you don't fall for them, they are all fake, and most of all stay Hack Proof!

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