• Dan Weis

Netflix Phishing Email

Netflix Phishing emails are nothing new, there are many types and variations seen daily. This one was received early this week.

This one stemmed from a domain called ''. You can see that the link takes you to a completely non-Netflix domain. You also learnt in HackProof Yourself! about how domains and Phishing sites are very short-lived, they get spun up quickly and shut down equally as fast.

This Phish is no different, within 4 days of receiving the email, the domain no longer exists, and detonating the URL in, we can see that the Phishing page no longer exists:

Anytime you receive an email similar to this, its goal is to harvest your personal information via a phishing site which can then be used by the bad guys for other nefarious purposes!

Always look out for the domain and where a link sends you, look out for the other common indicators in these types of Phishing emails, like the sense of urgency, the generic greeting 'dear customer' and the obvious links going elsewhere.

Until next time, stay HackProof!

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